Secure Storage

Our document storage services help you manage business information at every stage of the document lifecycle, with world-class archiving and electronic records that allow you to stay focused on your business.

Iron Mountain provides document storage for organisations across Australia. We work closely with you to minimise costs, improve access to business information and protect important documents, records and files.

You’ll be able to view, access and control your records at any time, on any device. It’s a cost-effective way to maximise the efficiency of your business and maintain compliance with all government and industry regulations.

Here’s how it works: 

Our end-to-end document storage solutions mean you’ll have one trusted partner for all your archive needs. We can transport, evaluate, archive and index your business information, or convert physical documents into digital files. We’ll also transport files from our secure storage facility to your office on demand, or manage the secure destruction of files. It’s a cost-effective way to manage your business information, so you can spend less time worried about protecting your records and more time growing your business.

  • Records Management
  • Archive and file storage
  • End-to-end document storage solutions
  • Short or long-term storage of all file types
  • Compliance with government and industry regulations
  • Local storage facilities and data centres
  • Tailored solutions and workflow for your business

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